Regulator of calcineurin 1 modulates expression of innate anxiety and anxiogenic responses to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor treatment.

May 5, 2014
Charles A. Hoeffer,  Helen Wong , Peter Cain ,  Josien Levenga, Kiriana K. Cowansage, Yoon Choi, Camille Davy, Neil Majmundar, D. Randy McMillan, Beverly A. Rothermel, and Eric Klann  ...

(Li+)ghting the way for a treatment for cognitive impairments in fragile X syndrome

May 5, 2014
Aditi Bhattacharya and Eric Klann  ...

Antipsychotics activate mTORC1-dependent translation to enhance neuronal morphological complexity

May 5, 2014
Heather Bowling, Guoan Zhang, Aditi Bhattacharya, Luis M. Pérez-Cuesta, Katrin Deinhardt, Charles A. Hoeffer, Thomas A. Neubert, Wen-biao Gan, Eric Klann, and Moses V. Chao

The eIF2α kinase PERK limits the expression of hippocampal metabotropic glutamate receptor-dependent long-term depression.

May 5, 2014
Mimi A. Trinh,  Tao Ma,  Hanoch Kaphzan, Aditi Bhattacharya, Marcia D. Antion, Douglas R. Cavener, Charles A. Hoeffer, and Eric Klann ...

Requirement of Mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 downstream effectors in cued fear memory reconsolidation and its persistence.

July 7, 2014
Thu Huynh, Emanuela Santini, and Eric Klann ...

PERK: a novel therapeutic target for neurodegenerative diseases?

October 1, 2014
Tao Ma and Eric Klann

Effects of acute sleep deprivation on motor and reversal learning in mice.

October 1, 2014
Andrew W. Varga, Mihwa Kang, Priyanka Ramesh, and Eric Klann   ...

Inhibition of AMP-Activated Protein Kinase Signaling Alleviates Impairments in Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity Induced by Amyloid beta.

October 1, 2014
Tao Ma, Yiran Chen, Valarie Vingtdeux, Haitan Zhao, Benoit Viollet, Philippe Marambaud, and Eric Klann. ...

Shaping Dendritic Spines in Autism Spectrum Disorder: mTORC1-Dependent Macroautophagy.

October 1, 2014
Heather Bowling and Eric Klann. ...

Reciprocal signaling between translational control pathways and synaptic proteins in autism spectrum disorders.

December 5, 2014
Emanuela Santini and Eric Klann ...

Charles A. Hoeffer,  Helen Wong , Peter Cain ,  Josien LevengaKiriana K. CowansageYoon ChoiCamille DavyNeil MajmundarD. Randy McMillanBeverly A. Rothermel, and Eric Klann