Drew Adler

May 25, 2021

Drew Adler is an MD/PhD student in the department of neuroscience with interests in neuro-glia interaction, neuroimmunology, and immunometabolism. His work generally focuses on non-cell-autonomous phenomena and cell-cell communication in the brain during activity and after acute injury. He is co-mentored by Wenbiao Gan and his current project examines the influence of microglia translation on astrocytic and neuronal metabolic homeostasis during activity and ischemia. Drew earned his undergraduate degree from Cornell University where he studied blood-brain barrier breakdown in a gut-toxin based multiple sclerosis model under the supervision of Tim Vartanian. Afterwards he moved to Seija Lehnards’ lab at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin to study non-coding RNAs as triggers for neuro-inflammation.