Reversal of Impaired Hippocampal Long-Term Potentiation and Contextual Fear Memory Deficits in Angelman Syndrome Model Mice by ErbB Inhibitors

May 31, 2012
Hanoch Kaphzan, Pepe Hernandez, Joo In Jung, Kiriana K. Cowansage, Katrin Deinhardt, Moses V. Chao, Ted Abel, Eric Klann ...
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Brain-Specific Disruption of the eIF2α Kinase PERK Decreases ATF4 Expression and Impairs Behavioral Flexibility

June 12, 2012
Mimi A Trinh, Hanoch Kaphzan, Ronald C. Wek, Philippe Peirre, Douglas R. Cavener and Eric Klann ...
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Genetic Removal of p70 S6 Kinase 1 Corrects Molecular, Synaptic, and Behavioral Phenotypes in Fragile X Syndrome Mice

October 22, 2012
Aditi Bhattacharya, Hanoch Kaphzan, Amanda C. Alvarez-Dieppa, Jacyln P. Murphy, Philippe Pierre, and Eric Klann ...
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Exaggerated translation causes synaptic and behavioural aberrations associated with autism

December 26, 2012
Emanuela Santini, Thu N. Huynh, Andrew F. Macaskill, Adam G. Carter, Philippe Pierre, Davide Ruggero, Hanoch Kaphzan, and Eric Klann ...
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Genetic Reduction of the alpha-1 Subunit of Na/K-ATPase Corrects Multiple Hippocampal Phenotypes in Angelman Syndrome

August 2, 2013
Hanoch Kaphzan, Shelly A. Buffington, Akila B. Ramraj, Jerry B. Lingrel, Matthew N. Rasband, Emanuela Santini, and Eric Klann ...
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The eIF2α kinase PERK limits the expression of hippocampal metabotropic glutamate receptor-dependent long-term depression.

May 5, 2014
Mimi A. Trinh,  Tao Ma,  Hanoch Kaphzan, Aditi Bhattacharya, Marcia D. Antion, Douglas R. Cavener, Charles A. Hoeffer, and Eric Klann ...
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